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Great schools, competitive pay
As Standard!
Join a fantastic team of high calibre teaching professionals
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Great schools, competitive pay
we are recuiting outstanding teachers

Recommend a friend and earn £100*
Recomment a second friend and earn £150*

*Recommend a friend and earn £100, recommend a 2nd friend and earn an extra £150. That's £250 for every two friends recommended. Payments will be made once Candidate completes 10 days of supply through the Agency.

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Great schools, competitive pay
As Standard!
Join a fantastic team of high calibre teaching professionals
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Working in the UK is an opportunity not to miss, as it provides different life experiences, not just for Teachers, but also for Children. The UK is experiencing a severe shortage of Teachers. This is particularly noticeable in large cities such as London, therefore opportunities are widespread. Pure Education works on the basis that if we can match your requirements to schools needs, the relationship is strong and durable. We understand how important it is to provide you with a great experience, and our consultants are always around for advice, and most importantly, to listen!

We currently offer Day to Day work, giving you flexibility, and a chance for you to experience different schools, Long Term positions, should you wish to work on a more regular basis, and Permanent Contracts.

Give our friendly staff a call to find out more.

Pure Education operates a “Fair Fee” policy where Teachers and Support Staff, are normally rewarded above average, whilst still maintaining competitive rates for the schools. The way we feel is: If the Candidate is supported and happy, the School experience will be joyful, the results maximised. Rates do reflect the candidates experience and qualifications.

One of the benefits of working with Pure Education, is CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Training. We feel its important that we support you during your teaching career with us, by keeping you up to date with new legislation and teaching methods. Your knowledge will widen, your job satisfaction will increase.

All Pure Education staff attend CPD courses, you can liaise with your Consultant to find out more about the training on offer.

CPD is available free, to all registered Candidates.

What’s there not to like?

Multi-cultural, full of opportunities, good transport network, and so much to see, the UK is the place to be! With so many places full of life and character, you will find everything you could want.

With the increasing shortage of Teachers across England, Scotland and Wales, you can be rest assured that the opportunities are here to be taken.

Our schools expect the best candidates,  therefore you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must speak native or fluent English
  • You must hold a Teaching Qualification comparable to UK standards
  • A Police / Criminal Clearance Certificate
  • 2 written References covering the last 2 years

If you would like further information, please contact us, our consultants will be happy to help.

We recommend that you register prior to departing. This way we will ensure you are ready to work when you arrive here in the UK. Once you arrive, we will organise for you to come and meet us personally, and for a face to face interview. This will help us to understand your needs and cater to your requirements.

Before we can offer you an assignment, it is important that all checks have been completed, and your file is cleared. You will be asked to complete or provide DBS, other police checks and proof of ID. We aim to complete vetting procedures, quickly, effectively and stress free.

Other information may have to be obtained, due to individual Candidate circumstances. Our dedicated consultants will guide you through this process.

Pure Education recommends that before you leave your country, you acquire the relevant documentation, to enable you to work in the UK.

Your right to work in the UK is normally granted by you holding a UK Passport or by applying for an Entry Visa.

Common visas are:

Tier 1 Highly Skilled Migrant

Tier 2 Sponsored Visa

Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa

Ancestry Visa

Teachers from the EU

You must hold a comparable  UK Teaching Qualification obtained in your Country of origin.

Overseas Teachers

If you hold a qualification outside of the UK, you must contact UK ENIC, who will provide you with a Statement of comparability. You will then be able to establish whether or not you meet the Academic criteria.

In addition to your Teaching Qualification, other requirements may be needed. UK ENIC will guide you on how to meet their criteria.

Recommend a Friend

Do you know a friend who is a Teacher?

Pure Education is always looking for great Candidates to fulfil the current UK shortage.

When you recommend a friend, you will receive from us £100*. For your second referral, you will receive  £150**. Thats £250 for every two friends you recommend to us.

You can recommend as many friends as you like, to join the hundreds of committed  and satisfied Candidates, working with Pure Education every day.

*Call Pure Education for a detailed list of terms & conditions
** Call Pure Education for a detailed list of terms & conditions