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Our Vetting Procedures

are rigorous, and demonstrate our commitment to great teaching  competence. Why not give us a call, to find out how easy and stress free it is, to put your needs in our hands.

Pure Education are committed to working with schools to ensure safer recruitment and for the safeguarding of children. Our coherent and comprehensive vetting procedure in line with DfE, REC guidance and current legislation, offers reassurance that we are compliant, and that the checks you would expect and more, are performed by us.



Our experts have developed C.L.E.A.R.™ (Cognitive Logical Emulation Acquired Response). A Pre-vetting and Interviewing set of techniques requiring verbal, written and 3rd party relevant information, where answers are analysed for consistency, and clarity is obtained at point of interview. This Technique helps to identify strengths and preferences, necessary for a guaranteed School/Candidate match.

This process starts with a Telephone assessment, and reference checks. If the assessment and References meet Pure Educations requirements, Candidates are asked to attend a Face to Face interview.

Prior or during interview, Candidates are required to provide the following:

    • ID Confirmation
    • Proof of Address
    • 2 Verified references
    • Qualifications
    • DBS Check
    • Children Barred List Check
    • Health Declaration
    • DfE number
    • Teaching Regulation Agency registration (former GTC)

All units above are mandatory for a Candidate to achieve full registration status.